The Role of the Board of Directors

As a Registered Charity and not-for-profit, the Iyengar Yoga Centre is governed by a board of directors. The board works behind the scenes on the Centre’s behalf. Members of the board keep track of our budget, while others report on programming, liaise with the newsletter committee, the teacher’s group, dispense scholarships and bursaries. This dedicated group of volunteers meets monthly throughout the year.

IYCV 2017 Board of Directors, Left to right: Roger Champagne, Carole Miller, Sheila Redhead, Ann Kilbertus, Stacey Frank, Laine Canivet, Bev Kallstrom, Annie Kitchen, Wendy Boyer (General Manager), Jim Bratvold and Amanda Mills

2017 Directors

Laine Canivet, President
Stacey Frank, Vice President
Bev Kallstrom, Treasurer
Sheila Redhead, Secretary
Ann Kilbertus, Program & Teacher Liaison
Amanda Mills, Director at Large
Annie Kitchen, Director at Large
Jim Bratvold, Director at Large
Carole Miller, Director at Large
Roger Champagne, Director at Large

2017 Committees

Scholarship Committee
Carole Miller
Amanda Mills
Sheila Redhead

Teacher Training Committee
Shirley Daventry French
Leslie Hogya
Marlene Miller
Lauren Cox
Ty Chandler
Ann Kilbertus
Linda Benn

Newsletter Committee
Roger Champagne, Editor
Lauren Cox
Leslie Hogya
Johanna Godliman
Jane McFarlane
Hilary McPhail
Elyse Mitchell Cleave

Library Committee
Patty Rivard