Class Descriptions

Take a moment to read over the following descriptions and determine
which class is suited to your individual requirements.

Register for a term, buy an Unlimited or OM Pass, a Student Unlimited Pass,
or drop in to a class at your level.

Level 1

No previous experience required. Take this level for a minimum of six months to establish a firm foundation.

All Levels

Beginner and experienced students welcome to these classes.

All Levels Restorative

Invite deep relaxation and mental peace into your week in this one-hour class.  Beginners welcome.

All Levels Ropes & Balance

Balancing yoga postures bring alertness and improve stamina. Explore standing poses, forward bends, backbends, shoulder openers and inversions with the help of ropes.  Beginners welcome.

All Levels 50+

Iyengar Yoga can be adapted for all ages and fitness levels. It creates strength, increased range of movement and stability. Students must be able to carry their own props and to get up and down from the floor.

Level 2

Suitable for students with a minimum of six months experience in Iyengar yoga. Knowledge of setting up for shoulder stand and ability to hold for approx. five minutes. Ready to learn head stand.

Level 3

History of attendance in general classes and a regular personal practice. Steady and stable head stand (at the wall if necessary) and shoulder stand with variations for five to ten minutes.

Level 4

Intermediate and advanced students with a regular personal practice are welcome to attend this class Ann Kilbertus and other senior teachers. New students require the teacher’s permission.

Noon-Hour Practice

A dynamic, yet still alignment-based class that complements a weekly instructional class. Not recommended for beginners or during menstruation.

55+ Continuing

This class is for any age student who has had experience in yoga. The classic poses are adapted as needed for balance and strength.


Tough to get a sitter?  Need to re-energize?  Bring your children with you to this beginner class.  Children must be minimum 6 years old and be able to play  independently.


Pranayama is the practice of breath awareness and modification, the yogic art of breathing.  One year study and practice of asana in the Iyengar method are required.  While a pass may be used, it is recommended that one commit to the whole series of classes.

Philosophy Study Group

Discover the ancient wisdom of yoga philosophy and its application to practice and daily life.  This study group if free and open to all students and teachers.

Teen Yoga

Do you play sports? Spend a lot of time on the computer? Just stressed out?
Yoga could be for you! (13 and up). FREE Community Class!

Pre-Natal Yoga

Build up strength, stamina, good posture, and flexibility. Learn to take time for yourself and relax. Please consult with your midwife or doctor before starting any exercise program. FREE Community Class!

By Registration only:

(Drop-in and passes not available)



A program designed to address health challenges that require more special care and attention. Class size is limited. Access to the yoga studio involves climbing stairs.

Transition Class

Have you hesitated to commit to a yoga class because you feel too out of shape? Or, are you worried about moving on from an injury? This class is for you!