Teacher Training


Shirley Daventry French is a direct student of B.K.S. Iyengar. Since 1979 she has studied with him regularly in India, North America, and Europe. Shirley has been teaching and training teachers for more than 40 years in Victoria and internationally.

Leslie Hogya has been teaching in Victoria since the early 70’s and has been active in the local centre since then. She has studied in Pune at the RIMYI many times since her first trip in 1985. Her most recent trip was in December 2013. Leslie is an advisor to the Iyengar Yoga Centre Board. Leslie also serves as an assessor for IYAC. Leslie has taught in the U.S., Thailand, Hong Kong, and most recently in Mexico. Certification: Intermediate Senior I.

Ann Kilbertus has been a student in the Iyengar Tradition since 1984 when she began her studies in Victoria. She continues to study with Shirley Daventry French regularly and has been teaching classes since 1988. Ann began going to Pune, India in 1992 and returns very regularly to study with B.K.S. Iyengar and his family. Her training and practice as an occupational therapist have offered a valuable contribution to further understanding of this work. Ann has served locally for many years in the training of teachers and nationally on the Iyengar Association of Canada’s Professional Development Committee. She shares her understanding of this vast body of work with joy and with seriousness of purpose. Certification: Intermediate Senior II


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For Iyengar Yoga Teacher Trainees

Daily asana and pranayama practice, peer teaching, philosophy and anatomy are included in this intensive for trainees preparing to become Iyengar yoga teachers. Daily schedule runs 9:30 am to 5:30 pm and concludes Saturday at Noon.

For Certified Iyengar Yoga Teachers

“In our course, naturally we teach alignment but not purely from a structural point of view. It is part of learning to refine seeing: to see skin and beyond as well as bones and joints. Where does energy flow freely? What effect has the structural adjustment had on the flow of energy? Where is energy blocked and why? Where is support lacking? Where do we see stress and strain? The science of yoga involves all this and much more.” —Shirley Daventry French

This course offers the opportunity for Iyengar teachers to work with a master teacher. It will benefit those preparing for assessment at Intermediate and Senior levels, as well as those seeking to refine their teaching and practice at their current level of certification. Daily schedule runs 9 am-5 pm with a two-hour lunch break.

Program: The daily schedule will be approximately 9 am to 5 pm with a two-hour lunch break.

Teacher Training Intensives

See frequently asked questions to see what is involved in becoming a teacher of Iyengar Yoga.